Air Force reports results @ 7 PPM

Pure AR

Low Oxygen Welding Environment

Simple and effective


Version 2

Everything as before, Plus


Air Purifyer

Heard back from the Air Force recently.  They report 7 parts per million O2.  This is great because their Argon gas contains 5 PPM.  Effectively 2 PPM when the gas O2 is counted.  Your results may vary, but, if purged properly, with science-grade gas, expect under 10 PPM.

Great for aircraft parts.  Titanium welding and another welding that requires low oxygen atmospheres.  We like to say that we keep planes in the air with parts that don't break.  The photos are for a delivery to Robins AFB near Macon GA.

We make sure you are set up with a personal visit to make sure that everything is working correctly and that your welders know how to use the machine.

The torch is included.  Everything is hard fastened to prevent leaks.

Made well in the USA. Handcrafted.  3/16 inch carbon steel body and 3/16 inch aluminum hood.  Tempered Glass windows. Natural Light.

"North Star is at your shop, setting up your chamber, making sure everything works and the welders know how to use it."

On the Road

Personal delivery

Chamber of the 3x2 holds about 16 CF.  We put it on a pallet, inside a van, and personally deliver.

Welded Fittings 

No Leaks

Welded fittings do not leak.  This purge chamber holds at 1/4 pound of atmosphere for at least 4 minutes. 

Seals Tight

Clamps on front, sides and back

To draw tight, we use oversized clamps.  

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