Inert Gas Glove Boxes

Large opening glove boxes allow large parts. Pass-throughs are too small for many applications.

Well-priced glove boxes maintain low O2 and H2O inert gas, (Argon mostly) for welding and science. These boxes are made of painted carbon steel or stainless. Built for the long haul, these boxes are tough.

The factory we use (in China) is run by Dr. Shuping Wang (Mechanical Engineer, U of Minnesota, USA). Prices benefit from our more than the 5-year relationship with Dr. Wang.

These purge-based gloveboxes gain speed and efficiency with optional vacuum and air-purifying systems, In addition, an accurate O2 meter is included.

Included with your glovebox:

  1. Torch of your choosing
  2. O2 Meter
  3. Vacuum Pump
  4. Air Purifyer

Each model goes through a Factory Acceptance Test Procedure. This rigorous procedure measures:

  1. Time to Purge
  2. Gas Consumed to Purge
  3. O2 Levels at increments
  4. O2 Level at test completion
  5. Pressure hold test
  6. Repetitious Mechanical Test
    • Open and close
    • Clamp and Loosen
  7. Weld Test
    • Short Titanium Weld
    • Torch Test

The results of these tests are documented and sent with the glove box.

Smaller and Larger Sizes Available