ISO and Railcar Heaters

Green Field Ready, Portable Hot Water for Rail Tank Cars.

Rail tank cars and ISO tanks heated with a portable hot water heater. 750,000 BTU input means fast heating times.

Designed by North Star.  Manufactured in the USA by a white label vendor with a name you will recognize as high quality with more than 50 years in the Hot Water Heater business.

Works great.

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Starting at $44,900

“Inexpensively heat and transload your liquids out of rail tank cars and ISO containers with the portable hot water heater by the North Star Group”

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10 Weeks later, get your new Greenfield Ready Portable Hot Water Heater

Machines in service since 2012

Our design.  A big manufacturing company builds to order for us and you.  Perfect plan for great delivery.

A customized Portable Hot Water heater. Designs reviewed by a mechanical engineer with a doctorate. Great product.

Water Heater System for Enclosed Trailer consisting of the following;

HEATER:   Model 760 Water heater with 115 Volt Burner, 750,000 BTU’s with Exhaust Stack

ENGINE:     9.5 Kohler Diesel Air Cooled Engine with 12 Volt Battery, Tray & Cables.

FUEL TANK:      100 Gallon Fuel Tank

GENERATOR:    Belt Drive 115 Volt 5,000 Watt Generator to operator 760 Water Heater and Circulation Pump. CIRCULATION PUMP: 115 Volt 1.5 HP Baldor Motor with Rotary Gear Circulation Pump 10 GPM

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP: Ace 1-1/4” x 1” Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Belt Drive with 12 Volt magnetic clutch, 30 GPM TANK:          Insulated 600 Gallon Square Water Tank, 11 Gauge Steel, 48” x 48” x 60” H

FRAME:  Heavy Steel Channel Frame to mount inside Trailer.

Delivery is 45 to 60 days after receipt of order

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