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We design products and hire great manufacturers to make them.


Standing on the Shoulders of great fabricators means that you get timely deliveries and excellent work. When you get ready to make an order, ask about our prime vendors, you will love it.

Engineering Services

  • The world has many high caliber engineers
  • We have the right engineers and provide translation and interface services.
  • Partners speak nine languages
  • Let us look at your mechanical engineering project
  • We work with senior USA engineers for final stamps and approvals
  • You will love the cost benefit ratio

Heating Rail Tank Cars, ISO Containers, Trucks, Stationary Tanks

  • Heat rail tank cars with Portable Hot Water
    • Available from one tank car to unit trains
    • Economical, Fast
    • Lease and or service available in some applications
  • Heat ISO Containers
    • One or many
    • Lease and or service available in some applications
  • Heat Over the road Tanker Truck
    • One or many
    • Lease and or service available in some application
  • Inquire about our Patent Pending Induction Heating too
v2Ten ISO Containe121r Manifold

Magnetic Insulation and other magnetic foam products

  • Tank insulation
  • Removable
  • Secure
  • Fast to install
  • Specifier will love it
Magnetic Insulation
Argon Welding Chamber

Argon Welding Chambers and other Glove-boxes

  • Big Mouth
  • Open to larger pieces
  • Used by our Military
Carbon Steel Tankb
Carbon Steel Tank

Induction Heating Equipment - Stationary Tank Application


Further to your request to design an induction heating system for your 1,000 barrel stationary oil storage tank at the Andora Energy Sawn Lake site, we developed the following proposal to heat the heavy oil product to 50-80 C (120-180 F).

The proposed induction heating system will use three phase power with helical coils around the exterior circumference of the tank.  The three coils will be located near the bottom, where the primary heating will take place. Convection will heat the upper section of the tank.  This induction heating system design allows the tank to be nearly empty and still heated, similar to systems seen with steam heating coils. The power from your electrical supply is 600 volt, 400 (425?) ams.

This is an installed turn-key system.  We will provide the necessary personnel at your site to install and commission the system.   


POWER SUPPLY – 600 volts, 425 amp

The undiluted heavy oil product to be heated is represented by the assay provided, supplemented with a detailed assay prepared by Alberta Energy for Peace River in-situ oil.

For the system electrical requirement, 600 volt, 425 amp supply for the induction generator is capable of providing sufficient energy to heat the heavy oil product in a full  insulated tank from delivery temp (___ C) to desired temperature (___ C) in (____ hours) based on typical “winter” conditions. Extreme cold will extend the heating time by ___ %).   Warmer ambient conditions will reduce heating times.

The heating system unit is complete with a line disconnect switch, power components, solid-state controls, and all operator controls and safety devices.


Temperature sensors allow the power supply to operate as needed, minimizing electrical consumption when set temperatures are achieved.


The installation of the tank heating system includes the stripping of the existing insulation from the coil installation area, installing the coils, configuring and installing the power supply, and replacing the insulation.  

The plan for this tank coil installation includes:

  1. Remove 6’ of insulation and covering, revealing steel surface
  2. Install insulative underlayment prior to coil installation
  3. Install coils (three coils, each with 100 turns)
  4. Install insulative overlayment, on top of the coils
  5. Cover all back to match with secure watertight insulating covering (e.g. Polyurea).

DELIVERY: System delivery anticipated to required 12-14 weeks (based on current workload).  Delivery date confirmation will be made upon receipt of your purchase order and completion of quoted payment terms.   Hydra Industries Group always tries to meet special delivery requirements.

PAYMENT: 30% down with purchase order, 30% due at the midpoint of the order, 30% at runoff approval prior to shipment, 10% Net 30 days after shipment.  A “Late Payment” charge of 2% per month will be made on the unpaid balance due more than 30 days after invoicing.

FREIGHT: Power Supply and Controls At Cost, FOB Mobile AL. Other Freight (e.g. Coil wire from Edmonton. Alberta) included.

TAXES: Prices listed do not include sales, use, excise, personal property or similar taxes.  Any city, state or federal taxes shall be paid by the buyer.

WARRANTY:   Hydra Industries Group fully warrants that the equipment supplied shall conform to the description in this quotation and agrees to repair or replace, F.O.B. shipping points and parts that fail, due to defects in material and/or workmanship within one (1) year after startup or (18) months after shipment, whichever comes first.  All travel and living expenses will be charged at cost. Hydra Industries Group makes no warranty (expressed or implied) of any other kind with respect to the equipment. Hydra Industries Group liability for any and all losses and damages to purchaser resulting from defective equipment shall in no event exceed the cost of repair or replacement, F.O.B. shipping points, of defective parts.  In no event shall Hydra Industries Group be liable for incidental or consequential damages. If this quotation is accepted by the issuance of a written or oral purchase order, it may only be changed or modified by a handwritten or typed correction, approved in writing by the Seller.

Thank you for giving Hydra Industries Group the opportunity to quote.  This quote is valid for 60 days. If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Best regards,

Nitrogen Trailers

  • Passive membrane requires no power
  • Trailer or Skid
  • Perfect for field operations

Portable Chiller Trailers

  • Scroll or Screw type
  • USA Service on Chinese Parts offers great value

Frac Water Heating

From Alberta to the Bakken, our hot water experts, using our patented and patent pending technology save fuel, time and therefore money.  Let us show you how.

Great prices, experienced teams.

North Star Group is an invention and manufacturing company.  The engineering team creates the drawings and the manufacturing team makes the product.

We make and invent products in a diverse range because it is interesting and fun.  Our products include inert gas gloveboxes, portable heaters for rail tank cars, and more.

Easy to follow, great results.  It is all about the process and the right people. We hire the best and charge a fair price.

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